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Selling on Amazon can be a challenge that brands needs to adapt to in the e-commerce world. The one thing every Amazon seller can be sure of is that Amazon's seller enviornment and policies are constantly changing. For many businesses and manufactures, this means having to adapt to the way Amazon does business.

Correct management of a brand and its products on Amazon's selling platform is crucial to become a successful seller. From inventory and product reviews to pay-per-click advertising campaigns and seller feedback, every seller needs to be vigilant in monitoring, protecting and growing their brands on Amazon.

Product Management

Having the right amount of Amazon Inventory is a challenge that ensures product and seller ranks do not drop which results in lost sales. Whether products are being fulfilled by Amazon or Merchant Fulfilled, managing customer inquiries, reviews, and feedback must be a top priority to ensure growth of the brand and its products. Amazon protects and strictly enforces their policies without mercy for violators. Our sister company, We Overstocked, has been selling on Amazon with great success in selling a varierty of brands as well as private labeling their own products. We've partnered with We Overstocked to help many business bring their products to the Amazon marketplace. Together we've developed various strategies to help our clients launch products in many different categories.


A Few Amazon Sellers We Partner With

Dr Natural Healing
We Overstocked
Ascend Tools
Extremely Targeted

Product Growth

To Reach Your Customers

Amazon does not share the secrets of their algorithm for how their system ranks a seller and products. However there are guidelines and selling strategies that every seller can implement to boost their products to the top pages of a search result. Managing a seller's customer feedback, product reviews, and pay-per-click campaign are some of the key ways to do this. Although Amazon constantly updates their platform, the strategies we employ have been tried and tested to drive traffic to product listings and boost sales.

FPA Marketing Strategy

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Most new products on the Amazon marketplace start out in the back of the line. How does one get their products to the top of Amazon search results in their respective categories?

Well we are here to help you get there one product at a time!


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